Things to do in Wendover, Nevada

Wendover Airfield Tour

Visit this historic Army airfield that was used during World War II to train over 1,000 aircrews, including the crew of the Enola Gay, a B-29 bomber that deployed the world’s first atomic weapon.

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Get dirty then clean house

Get out and enjoy an hour or two of outdoor excitement. You drive one of our easy to drive ATV’s on exciting trails through some of Nevada and Utah’s most unique and beautiful landscapes.

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Wendover’s #1 attraction

Sit back and enjoy this tour in our comfortable air conditioned van. Explore this spectacular natural wonder with a professional guide who will share interesting stories about the natural and human history of this unique place.

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Wendover Nevada Jeep Tours.

Our tours are guided and are two hours long. The tours begin in Wendover and travel through Leppy Hills, Pilot, Toano, and the Goshute ranges. You will learn about the local human history and see many historical sites.
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